Trail of thought

This minute trail of waiting has been a long dotted one separated by pauses between them.what could it possibly do when there is a ban to build a peripheral of understanding?


A hell lot has been changed since decisions were made that have changed the very coarse of life…..shadowed by a guilt and pleasure  both at the same timeimpacted to the core,they resurrect again to test… Read More »Decision

Trail of conscience

He is now grown up ladyet a fear or a pressurestays within him to please his parentsthose childhood memories which were married by hurt still sit onhis shoulders carried by him everywhere he goesreflects his dual… Read More »Trail of conscience


The casket submerged floats in the vacuumed surface of the blues,diluted on the peripheral dialysisas and when the rare indigo vists  it to insill the buried, hope of life

Smothered truth

The choola burns in a corneremitting ray of hopeTo the hungry stomachs that play aroundOn the end, not far awayFlames of despair blazeIn bomb attacks   

Ripples in Life

Near the shorethe time dissolves quicklyBut my body still floats…