Desire. Passion


On this nightfall that turns darker and quiet I look up to the stars that are smiling bright From million miles away, they selflessly share the joy of happiness with everyonethey only wish to wipe… Read More »Star

Our Unrequited Love

My heart did a little jig the first time I met you Simmering the memories of  sips of tea  we shared  Everyday, the funny silence and your coyiness added a reason to many moments of… Read More »Our Unrequited Love


You are the reason for my existence That inspire my lungs breathe a lil more                             Your very presence is so  satisfying… Read More »Existence


He caressed her hair Lingered his lips close to her ears Coyly playing his hands As it drizzled outside. He cupped  her face close As he nudged his nose to hers Softly whispering my love… Read More »LOVE AGAIN


I woke up to this freezing night, Darkness hidden behind cold curtains of white. All I could hear the silent whispers, Of My heart pounding to converse. I cuddled under my blanket slowly Stepping out… Read More »STRANGER’S SECRETS