Desire. Passion

Dose of Love

My love, give me my dose of a ice effectWith your marbled touchDouse me in your romantic vineyardWith your seductive lustBurn me into the flames of desires along With your warming bodySedate me to your… Read More »Dose of Love


His caramel eyes thunder a lookas I sneak a quick glanceI feel my blood rush fasterWhen he sits closer holding my hand.We haven’t spoken yet,Just like the flowers on the table are waiting for some… Read More »Rendezvous

Winter Love Summers

You are like the winters freezing the cold arcs of my haven brewing the warmth with your fire Snuggling the dark spaces inside Even in these humid summers, I feel comforted in your winter love… Read More »Winter Love Summers

NAPOWRIMO -Seed of Love

Awakening to your nights and sleeping through your mornings I didn’t quite realise When you made me a victim of your smiles Between the gap of my fingers I still feel your strong touch How… Read More »NAPOWRIMO -Seed of Love

My Crusader

He crusaded my heart Even before he let me know of it His enigmatic aura Propelled to make my world twirl around His simplicity bowled me over completely I couldn’t help myself to keep me… Read More »My Crusader