Desire. Passion


To quote happinessYou may not be happy alwaysTo quote loveYou may not be in love alwaysSo, I carry a portion full of smiles with meAnd share them with loveatleast there is no dearth of laughter… Read More »Happiness

High on love

Don’t fall over those wordsCoz his heart has already taken the plungeNow just wait and read his downpours

Love stains

Standing under the shower,bare to the mirror and barely to myself;I scrub the stains off my skin,the stains of your unrequited lovethat has borne one with my flesh.It has mingled ¬†with water and bears sympathy… Read More »Love stains


He made a headway sealing a space in that desire of just wanting to see hera glance to satisfy his rejected soul in that bargainhe still gets her attentionand she is his inspite of all… Read More »Headway


Soon I will be goneinfact thinking of leaving soonpacking my bags offfrom this cobwebbed lifea spider’s intervention#revelation

What purpose do we serve

what purpose do I serveby eating off the wedges of many heartsliving in a self centered lifeoscillating my thoughtsto a world of my ownwhere there is no place for sharing or givingbut expecting immediate returnswhere… Read More »What purpose do we serve