napowrimo- 30-april 2020- from a point of view of someone who hates me

Shall we begin for finally I get an opportunityTo blurt out on a spreeHow do those eyes behind those spectaclesHave that spark that always tries to resonate itself with lifeBungee jumping at every opportunityNow sits… Read More »napowrimo- 30-april 2020- from a point of view of someone who hates me


The embers rose high in the skyof guilt and jealousy that brooded over mindsthe ashes left on the earthcringed the living hearts mourning their plightslowly the ashes smeared on the forehead are turning strongin the… Read More »Ashes


Soon I will be goneinfact thinking of leaving soonpacking my bags offfrom this cobwebbed lifea spider’s intervention#revelation


As the moonlight falls on meI try to empty myselfdrop that hopeful glintinto the very darkness everyday I pick up a pair of scissors open up the stitcheswipe off all the marksstill your name seamed… Read More »Stiched


Salty vapours,an old chimney, fuming jealousychamber of secret Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.


This ache sitting on the cobwebs of my veins freezes out the bloodstream, Building a sanctuary inside with huge wall towersAloof from everyone, it doesn’t even pay heed to my voice,only digging deeper with a… Read More »Heartburn