The makeup of smilescurl up to show a frownladen with sparkling eyestreating to a hint of hate The beautiful bouquet of words salivate a pot of shoddy vices wearing a cool comfy jacket hiding an insecure heart that blazing into… Read More »Reject


I longed for you,setting aside my lifedreaming about our future togetheryour words were my solaceaccepting everything under the sunwilling to change and adjust to uncertaintieswithout any  prejudices or complainsI was ready to walk on unknown… Read More »Irked


Blazing with a headache Cringing with a heartache Sulken face Bitter taste Dying within Hopes dim Damp eyes Wailing Cries Pain,so hard to bear My feelings, with whom should I share??? Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo-… Read More »Grief