Dose of Love

My love, give me my dose of a ice effectWith your marbled touchDouse me in your romantic vineyardWith your seductive lustBurn me into the flames of desires along With your warming bodySedate me to your… Read More »Dose of Love

NAPOWRIMO- Scarecrow

He stood there anxiously waiting for her to comeOne last time he had promisedto end this unrequited loveHe revisited his memories leaning across themTattered, broken and deserted like him.He gulped his sorrow, looking towards her… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Scarecrow


I wiped the dust off that clutter over my memoriesthe ones that bear your name. But boldface, it refuses to be erased Imprints that are etched deeper than I can imagine.  As it clings onto its torn-tattered chord, I picked… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Clutter

Love Beyond Times

He walks closer graciously with a smile leaning his head to my ears I can smell his fragrance captivating just like his personality freezing me to stay still Seconds, probably moments passed, absolute silence stays… Read More »Love Beyond Times


I promised you but didnt keep anywhen needed the most, I walked away leaving you emptyYou pampered me silly and fulfilled my demands, all and manyyet I hurt you everytime taking off all the liberty.I… Read More »Repentance