Little one

I cradle yousmiling into your timid black eyesmelting into your pink cheeksthat cuddle near my bosomdreaming about your futureas you yawn to grab a winkpalming your fingers close to your lipsas you hum a song… Read More »Little one

Napowrimo -13- Petrichor

She ironed the creased dress still wet in the petrichor of the last night. Scrubbing a portion with a cloth, She cleaned the dry stains that greased the ends of her dress. Quickly she wore… Read More »Napowrimo -13- Petrichor

Nobody’s somebody

They look with those deep eyesWith an eager and clear heart With fingers entwined on the pole near the wall Sharing a faded smile thats more colourful than their clothes Those mystical moments weave a new bond  As… Read More »Nobody’s somebody

Slice of Happiness

I see him laugh aloudTwitching his eyesAnd clapping his handsLooking at his little toddlerWho has learnt to stand Totally euphoric though He doesn’t record this moment  Hugging her tightly,he jumps ahead to start his auto from the stand… Read More »Slice of Happiness