Child in you

I can bring you to live like a child , coz in this world where your demands are superficial, all I want you find that kid in you. Can you realise that you could curtail… Read More »Child in you

Beautiful Beginnings

I have watched you from afarsat besides you tooThe fingers that held my handStrum the strings  now with easeA decade later you spell my name rightWhat more do I ought to do, you ask meNothing… Read More »Beautiful Beginnings

Irony of everyday life

He squeals in laughter     as his  father buys him a pair of coloured balloons holding the strings firmly Inspecting its mightiness And reeling in pride as a proud owner While the son of… Read More »Irony of everyday life

Ray of hope

His damp eyes  behind those glares cannot hidethe sense of contentmentto watch his little oneachieve the milestoneOf saying Dadawithout spaces-autism  series


Some gifted children standholding their hands trying  to emulatetheir teacher dance to the beats of the songpeople sympathize  and gather to watchthe innocent ones devoid of the stares or notionsas they wave gently to the… Read More »Mindsets