Innocent cherub

I kissed his chubby cheeksas I watched himeat the chocolate muffinsquealing  in laughteroffering the lady a shareto the one who had bellowedupon him calling him a nerdjust a while ago~autism series

Autism- Being a part of you

I was part of you untilyou decided thatthis blood tie could not be a partof a special society like yours! -Autism poem

Paint the truth

Paint me a picture of youWith speck of your featuresA hint highlighting your attributesPaint me a picture of youThat conveys your interestsA insight into your life beautifulI am sure it is no different from mineWhy… Read More »Paint the truth

Standing by you

Steps closer to a dream have taken shapeto believe and fulfillOn a door that has been eager to be knockedA beginning of a journey that has no end -standing by you #autism

Autism and more

She couldn’t contain her joy in hope to share them later Supressing moments to a corner of timeShe laughed, danced and held each one to hearWould we not too in her placeAnd then she is… Read More »Autism and more