napowrimo- 15 – april 2020- prose or poem of “epilogue” of your imaginary book

As you read the verses and listen to a new tale
A new horizon it will achieve, a different  benchmark it will hail
To you, readers, well- wishers and the world at large
To join together for a significant montage
Of nurturing a society to treat Gifted beings as equal
And pledging your support acting as responsible people
These verses serve a sneak peek to their lives precious as yours
So, begin with no demeaning actions and word wars
For  their little world manifests just your positive helping hand
A share of your Love is all they command
In the end , when you flip the last page of this poetry book
Add a new page or leaflet to your poised heart to take the cause to wider outlook .

Copyright©2020-30th April by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

KHARmic Connection

For God loves Foolish People is our answers to many deliberations we have in life. Satbirji so effortlessly brings forth glimpses of the orchard in her vineyard, the winter laden hills of Nainital, the Independent Indian lifestyle, the cowebs of customs and traditions, the bubbly innocence of a girl, a passionate reader surrounded by her book haven. Her ardent role model of a respected and caring grandfather who instills the very seeds of wisdom and simplicity  she possesses.She dwells upon sharing her anecdotes on intimate family relationships that blossom into a close knitted one.
Her beautifully described era of  golden Bombay invites nostalgic moments  and wishing that, she helps us trace to those times along with her experiences.
She cajoles us about her tryst with destiny, her priorities, her beliefs which may have been sometimes shaken  or twisted, but Satbirji astounds us with her poise of life, her firm faith in God’s will and reflecting upon our karma that finally intercedes to our happiness.
A book that will see you wear that beautiful smile admist our conquest for life and dreams! !!!

Flights from my terrace book Review

Welcome on board pilot Santosh  Bakaya who takes you on a fun filled , mesmerizing  and enriching flight  taking off right from her Terrace. Her eagle eyes ferries us to places and moments you would probably ignore, refrain or merely sulk to celebrate, ponder and mediate into her dreams just like she does often. Her liberating,vivacious personality along with her profound wisdom reflects well in her witty phrases and dialogues.Dont be surprised if  you laugh your lungs out, find your feet in crowded buses, hold your nerve in blazing heat, fly with invisible wings alongside the birds. Feel extremely comfortable when she shares her travelogue alongside her trivia of being a mother, wife, teacher and being your friend seated right next to you in the cockpit.Her daughter Iha is the star of her life and in beautiful moments we are lucky to be part of.Also admire our beloved pilot craning her head, marching her gaze to find her muse(could be you!) in the next second right from counting the number of chins to being effective to find a grin in total chaos. The schedule of the flight may be decided by you, but the pilot takes charge from the moment you wear the seatbelt!
Please note the secret of the broken egg is marked on your next itinerary….dont miss it….till then ENJOY THIS ONE!!!

Thwarted Escape Book Review

How many can claim to have conquest love and not otherwise? Lopa Banerjee has, through her book by living that example of a life we aspire to have but do not venture into jumping over its gates for comforts of our couch suits us better. The book is not just of memoir of her childhood,womanhood and motherhood but a real contemplation of the many hoods we wear and are surrounded by in our society. According to me, Poets can ink even with a thorn of a cactus and tip of a shrub. And here, we have a extremely talented combo of a poet writer who weaves her journey tiptoeing to every crevices of her life filling it her poetic verses oscillating to the past while holding on to the present very beautifully. This book is a escape to the finest wonderland of words travelling through the shrewd threads of our beliefs,bellowing to the stingy minds, walking to the green pastures of nature, the bylanes of Kolkatta to the porch of Nebraska all woven with a lyrical play of the tanpura!!!


I sit on a lousy chair gazing at the patter of the rains
drenching my flowers in the garden
The evening tea has turned cold
With the thunder that strikes every few hours.
I try to read a book kept on the brown table
But my least interested hands flip the pages swiftly to the  backcover.
It is where his name scribbled still  peep through               
And his touch that kisses my skin.     
The old memory still remembers him
Most of the part that belongs to him. 

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.