Is Ethos of Poetry Lost or Gained?

poetry ethos

In this microscopic world of Twitter and Instagram, where we articulate our thoughts in bite- sized spaces. What is that essence of words which resonated for centuries through diaries now having a digital vision lead to?

Life has been an ongoing tale of mystery spiced up with a battle of sweetness and sourness. Often people used to sit down to pour their feelings into words after a long day. The moment of happiness is probably an assurance, that the soul seeks inwardly. Well, over the years, that has been not just a refuge, but a place where you could be yourself unjudged.

Small group of people gathered to celebrate poetry recalling the legends of their times and also appreciate the new that weaved a tale of their own. Now spoken poetry has taken over riding on their voices that sometimes dilute the very words it meant to share. It is being broken, sneered and also slammed(Slam poetry).

Writing itself was a intricate voyage of mind and heart that would sync the writer with his/her readers. Does it always today? The once long poems that would be occupy page(s) now confines to a mere few lines. Do we blame our attention capacity now or feelings have been too chaotic to infuse a ‘Sonnet‘ or more complex ‘Villanelle’. Grammar which was once an essence of impactful poetry is hammered in the name of humour, instant gratification. It has successfully developed a niche to read quick poetry having its own cult status.

Today, the definition of being cool and in the league demands we whip a new dish not knowing whether it deserves more salt or sugar. In era of digitization, poetry has got itself into its own Rebranding. It has been boon for many of them who get a chance to share their work getting them more visibility and connected community. Eg: Insta Posts, haikus.

In gamut of writing, and the whirlwind world of publishing, which took ages (read :months or even years), today poets have entered the world of literary festivals, writing contests, anthologies etc. Self publishing has thus created its own niche justifying its ethos.

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When Style meets Elegance- Prerna Chhabra- Fashion Stylist and Youtuber!

Do you also grab a cup of tea and binge watch Youtube? Checkmate! Right from watching crazy bunch of stand- up comedies, baking, the whole gamut of Marie Kondo effect , creative arts and DIY’s to fashion videos, I enjoy those crazy moments of happiness.

Apart from my creative world of writing which kept the fuel burning occasionally , I peeked into a new world of Influencers . That’s when I came across “A fashion stylist ” who breezed through a beautiful persona  holding an aura of her own ( Poetic tribute ). 

Prerna Chhabra ,  a fashion stylist is an amazing Influencer who has been calling the shots of  Creativity in her own unique way.

Most women prefer keep themselves away from draping a Saree . The most common opinion is that “It looks good on others, but not everyone’s first choice”. Prerna Chhabra, with a versatile outlook, shares her styling tips that make wearing Saree, a fun experience rather than art. She diligently curates Elegance into Fashion by bringing out its core elements i.e. Simplicity, Versatility and Longevity.

How often would you wear a casual top with a Jeans and then pair it with a Saree OR Wear a monochrome outfit for a party OR Style a Boho look with your fringes to your work?

Prerna seamlessly inspires to think different and come up with mix match combinations to bring out a unique look everytime. The USP is “to style with what you have” makes it even more challenging and the results make them more gratifying. The fact that she cares and pays attention to every detail to sharing quick anecdotes of her life and useful tips for her viewers are a real bonanza to her followers including the amateurs to fashion like me. Everyone does want to look good and smart for any occasion at the end of the day!

The exclusivity of Prerna’s Style is that she handles every look, every style with absolute ease creates a beautiful bond of friendship and trust among her viewers and followers . Not to miss is her impromptu happy jig in her videos adorning a beautiful smile.

Today, Prerna’s hardwork and dedication has led us to be inspired creating amazing fashion trends with Re-styling an  old Saree or Lehenga , palazzos or kurtis for any occasion, ethnic look that complements your day that suffices your tastes and schedule for more than a month. She has forayed into the  domain of accessoring jewellery, bags, shoes, hairstyle and skincare creating a LIFESTYLE BRAND of her own.

Her vivacious personality is to be truly vouched for. She inspires and keeps us inspired to Stay Creative.

Choosing an outfit and styling it in totality never became so easier!                   

P.S : Thanks to you Prerna, I have kept a few old dupattas just short of being disposed off to create a ethnic look !!!

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored blog article. These are my personal views, thoughts shared on this platform

Prerna Chhabra’s Youtube channel- Follow

Prerna Chhabra’s Instagram – Follow

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napowrimo- 30-april 2020- from a point of view of someone who hates me

Shall we begin for finally I get an opportunity
To blurt out on a spree
How do those eyes behind those spectacles
Have that spark that always tries to resonate itself with life
Bungee jumping at every opportunity
Now sits pale and silent averse to any light
Thank goodness it has slumbered down
Otherwise it seemed really unbearable
To see your enthusiastic self buzzing around everywhere
Like a ray of hope to people who felt low
And even us who couldn’t but had to acknowledge you
Weren’t you a nerdy crazy bundle then
who didn’t shy from playing pranks on random people
and yet sneaking away like a puppy
How well you mimicked almost everyone , including seniors and bosses
Who somehow just enjoyed your damn company and laughed away
Really surprised that you could forge a relation
Even with strangers and make them feel at ease
Those affirmative statements you made among friends,
greeting people like me who spited off your back
For which you were supremely contented as a good deed
Did it bring anything back to you, of course not
Because you didn’t expect anything in return, be it career or relations
But you left to carry baggages of our bullying and taunts
The cost of sane living crushing some of your dreams
I wished strangely, I could dupe you better
Well, well even if you shun away,
You are my laughing stock now
For your absurd decisions that you hardly learn from your mistakes
Crude enough I say, your weak heart has been duped
To believe everything is good
And probably, that’s why you fracture your soul
With more bandages to count than before

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napowrimo- 20- april 2020- ode to dedicated readers- kit kat moment

With an amateur ink , words carved its imprint onto pages
A decade since it has painted on numerous canvases
Shedding inhibitions and trying on diverse capes
They moulded into a mirage of collective rhymes
But what good is a writer without you dear readers
That led the ink taste different palates along the way
Gourmets of appreciation, inspiration to improve
Constructive feedback and guidance were part of the special menus each day
Blessings in multitude honoured to be bestowed with
I call each one of you here today
As this ink is spruced up to thank you again
Breaking  it like a Kit-Kat and sharing the sweetness
Of a beautiful bond and happy space
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napowrimo- 15 – april 2020- prose or poem of “epilogue” of your imaginary book

As you read the verses and listen to a new tale
A new horizon it will achieve, a different  benchmark it will hail
To you, readers, well- wishers and the world at large
To join together for a significant montage
Of nurturing a society to treat Gifted beings as equal
And pledging your support acting as responsible people
These verses serve a sneak peek to their lives precious as yours
So, begin with no demeaning actions and word wars
For  their little world manifests just your positive helping hand
A share of your Love is all they command
In the end , when you flip the last page of this poetry book
Add a new page or leaflet to your poised heart to take the cause to wider outlook .

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