My Crusader

He crusaded my heart Even before he let me know of it His enigmatic aura Propelled to make my world twirl around His simplicity bowled me over completely I couldn’t help myself to keep me… Read More »My Crusader

Letter to My Love

My Love,Loving you does not need a reasonjust like your sweet whispers that become my dreamEven when you may not grab me in your embraceI can’t ignore your scent that gathers around meMy heart pens… Read More »Letter to My Love

Making me Shameless!!!

Why do you do it to memaking me forget my worldWhy is it most difficult for meto say you a NoWhy haven’t we set any limitsthat can refrain either of us to goany more wild… Read More »Making me Shameless!!!

Spark of My Life

Music to my soul strum the chords of my heart  Lover,play your role deliver your active part Poet, pen your words letting feelings sprout  fill all the pages of my body leaving no space out… Read More »Spark of My Life