Daily Reflecton

I rest my headto feel his warmthhis scent and strong arms.  I lean to kiss him On my pillow of memories That mist my eyes Which relives each moment In his reflection. Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life… Read More »Daily Reflecton

My Man

I know  you more than meYes it is true to believeCoz you are not just of part of meYou are  mine, you belong to meYes it is true, you are created by meCoz  you are… Read More »My Man

Friendship and More

He packed his bag,Turning once to see his empty roomHis unslept eyes moistened to her favourite chairwhich she always sat in to chatter with him in the eveningsHe could see her angelic smile he adored… Read More »Friendship and More

Forbidden Love

This scribbled ink knocks on the door that was locked on the day it was last addressed to me I hold that very letter you wrote resurrecting those raw memories. The safe that kept it… Read More »Forbidden Love

Dose of Love

My love, give me my dose of a ice effectWith your marbled touchDouse me in your romantic vineyardWith your seductive lustBurn me into the flames of desires along With your warming bodySedate me to your… Read More »Dose of Love


I hear this same voice the same that kept me awake strong and gentle But with a whiff of sheer eagerness The mesmerizing one that made my veins freeze blue an calming effect it has… Read More »NAPOWRIMO – Roots