Wish this ink could splatterOn his crisp coatThat is the cause for such malice aroundAll in the name of being brave~ revolution sight

Muted in Love

I did not look at the sky to seehow its vastness could envelope me under itI did not grumblewhen  I was drenched by sudden drizzlesI for that matter never questionedthe sun who swam down the… Read More »Muted in Love

A Reminder

It stays as a reminder every monsoonA portion still dampLays hidden behind those cracked walls 500th poem inked -Its my Life poetical journey has start begun

A Valiant Step

Her feet trembled as she moved closer,Towards that room in the cornerShe clutched the scarf firmly in her fistsAs the nurse called out “Wont you come and see ?


I love it my love When you bathe me in your lustrous love Brimming from your cuddles That reach to the every part Of my bare body Touching and finding all the corners that were hidden… Read More »Luvbath

Come, My Love

I can sense your presencewith the ruffle of the windand steps I can hear coming closer to the door of my heart.Come soon dear, I am waiting for youto see you, feel you morereaching my soul before… Read More »Come, My Love