In thy name

If love had a heart,wouldn’t it melt like ice,dissolve like salt and spread like fireyet our inhibitions forsake us to let it pump in onethe enormous heart is divided into pieces by this lovebut we… Read More »In thy name

Opposites Attract

 I know you dont belong to me, nor do Iwe are like the moon and sun who are just part of this glorious universeyet there is a chemistry that is stronger than an equinoxthe turbulence… Read More »Opposites Attract

A spark

‘Move out of your comfort  zoneyou idiot’,he told meI gasped and nodded.‘you need to actually do it;you cannot for wait for people or things to work your way’he remarked firmly .I just got up and… Read More »A spark

Hug me tonight

Hug me tonight my loveFor I want to bare my heart to youHow much more burden will the pillow  alone  carryHug me tonight my loveTo help me overcome these creepy silencesWhy make the dainty  moon… Read More »Hug me tonight

Can I

Can I hold you for a minuteAs you entwine your fingers into mineGrab your shirt closerAs you arm around my waistSniff your shaved chinAs you caress my faceCan I pout near your lipsAs you breathe… Read More »Can I


My eyes are testimonyOf all that is between usYour beholder Happy 2017 everyone