Be Free

Let us escape now

Let us escape now To where our minds wander How far it may lead us On different crossroads Where the dark woods stand tall Into  the deep blue shores riding on the cold carriage up… Read More »Let us escape now


I am listening to my heart nowwho tells me that he wants a breakwishing to detach himself from the worldand attach to some fun, some livelinessshake and dance awayfeast on yummy cuisinesSo, here we are … Read More »Breakfree


Little tantrums you showMessing things all aroundHuge scowls you throwShuddering me off the groundHow do I believe when you say all is wellYour stubborn ways are too violenthave now turned me into a Rebel. Copyright ©2015… Read More »Rebellion

Let ME be Free…

I wave out to them, but they aren’t looking at me, I walk towards them, but they run away from me. I feel their shadows moving, but no one is around me. I shed some… Read More »Let ME be Free…