Some gifted children stand
holding their hands trying  to emulate
their teacher dance to the beats of the song
people sympathize  and gather to watch
the innocent ones devoid of the stares or notions
as they wave gently to the novices of their hearts
a while later, the music ends, a loud cheer
a cosmos of sentiments hover around
the crowd disperse with the fall of the curtains
we were strangers.. strangely still remain as one

Little one

I cradle you
smiling into your timid black eyes
melting into your pink cheeks
that cuddle near my bosom
dreaming about your future
as you yawn to grab a wink
palming your fingers close to your lips
as you hum a song you heard somewhere
I mediate on these moments
as you jolt me away from this silence
with a sudden howl
a wild one accompanied by a pleading
of a need or situation or reason
I am unable to understand
worrying you more as you find me
totally helpless in answering to your need
that’s when you babysit me
holding my palms closer to you
vaguely communicating the bird in the song
who has fled his nest has his little one
cupping his palms to mine
waiting to fly.

Little hearts

Her little feet danced tinkering her silver anklets, 
her tiny palms clapped as she recited the same verse over again
the syllables of  hunger fell on ignorant ears 
as prose took the stomach to another lane.

Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life

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A divine creation you are
Invoking a new zeal of life within
I marveled at God’s blessings of a Star
Happiness that took few moments to sink in  
Baby, when I first saw you, I was escatic and cried tears of joy
That very moment you captured my heart, my adorable boy
You surely know how to wrap everyone around your little fingers
Melting us with your enchanting smile adding a shot of zinger
you mesmerize us instantly with your loving eyes  
Striking an unexplainable bond between us, my sweetiepie
Your innocent laughter is  music to our ears
That soothes our hearts afresh with your love, my dear 
I am waiting to cuddle you in my  arms     
Shower you with hugs and kisses and hold your tiny palms   
I pray that God blesses you abundantly and you grow up in wisdom
True to your name,  fiery strong thinker you become
Love you loads my ardent Keegan Aarav
My shining star, dedicating  these words to you I sign it with my ink, my love.
P.S- Poem I penned for my nephew – Keegan Aarav- my Cousin Sister’s baby boy- Love you loads  !!!


Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

Shanaya -Little Feet

Hey Shanaya,
Your birth has bought joy and happiness amongst us all,
A baby so beloved and pampered by all.
Love you dear; my sweet little girl,
Your precious smile is worth  more than pearl.
A wish we prayed to have a little angel to God,
and its now fulfilled with you striking an  unexplainable chord.
You wrap us with love and make us dance to your little tunes,
Reminiscing our own childhood and to see you blissfully sleep to the lullaby we croon.
Sweet princess, we feel really blessed to have you baby in our life,
Like “ the first rays of the sun”(Shanaya in Sanskrit), you are now our  arch light.
And today, we christen you with an angelic name,
Along with blessings and memories in our hearts we will forever frame.
-Love Elvira 
P.S- Poem I penned for my niece Shanaya- my Cousin Sister’s baby on her Christening (Naming Ceremony) and happy to recite it myself making the day most memorable:)
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