Little one

I cradle yousmiling into your timid black eyesmelting into your pink cheeksthat cuddle near my bosomdreaming about your futureas you yawn to grab a winkpalming your fingers close to your lipsas you hum a song… Read More »Little one

Revisiting the inklinks

Hi, this is Vikrant, I introduced myself to the teameyes that met my gaze with intuitive sightsIn the corner almost to the end of the aisleI found one to be  unfazed by allengrossed in adjusting… Read More »Revisiting the inklinks

Selfless gesture

I selflessly ask youWould you give meNot a stare, but a smileWould you tradeYour time for my questionsWould you spare some of  your needs  for my free worldI promise you my outright heart#Autism

Austism and Ink

I wish I tell my  inkThat you may have penned many verses nowthat grabbed  some  viewsMany didn’t knew of their existenceAnd few  still are a residueFew lucky ones chanced upon to be in the  2… Read More »Austism and Ink


Our perceptions may differstill we are alikeMy eyes didn’t see beyondwhat you could easily sightI try to understand your viewBut you effortlessly stand by  my sideI am blessed to have youYou are no special or… Read More »Perceptions

Autism- Being a part of you

I was part of you untilyou decided thatthis blood tie could not be a partof a special society like yours! -Autism poem