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My Love

  What will I tell you when I meet you, my love, the list of things seems endless. But the moment when v meet, my love, dunno y I tend not to recollect them. Everytime… Read More »My Love


A special day for you Always carries a SMILE on her face, DANCES with such poise and grace. Mingling around with FRIENDS is known, otherwise find her chatting on the phone. All who know her… Read More »A SPECIAL DAY IN LIFE

Mission- Peace

In our hustle-bustle lives, we rarely have spare times. Amidst chaos, strikes and endless fights, struggling for Peace with all mights.Violence has dampened our beliefs, When can this end and we be relieved???? Politics is… Read More »Mission- Peace


  MAMA DEAR, U are like a jewel around a queen’s neck, U are like an anklet around a child’s leg, U are like a rainbow during a rainy day, U are like a moon… Read More »MAMA DEAR