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Since Days

Travelling Faraway…I am waiting for that dayTo meet friends and family…who are waiting there anxiously.I know how it feels…when my senior rejects my plea.To take a longer leave…saying I can’t let go my responsibility.Its been… Read More »Since Days

Bride called Life

A Bride called Life,hidden behind the veil,waits for an entire year to sail.New year resolutions everytime that we make,Though some are fulfilled and some are meant to break.Gloomy days are faced with sheer resilience,can be… Read More »Bride called Life


The tree welcomes by clapping its hands (leaves), Across the river from where it stands. Gives refuge to everyone under its shade, Even during times when its hands turn fade. Lush greenery is visible all… Read More »SHADE OF HOPE

Faraway dreams

Sitting near the window in my room, I look outside at the sky, the stars and the moon, Trying to avoid any tears and any gloom, As I try to let go of the burden… Read More »Faraway dreams

Just Wanna

Just Wanna I Just Wanna hold you, wanna know you, Just Wanna show, care for you more, Just Wanna… I Just Wanna tell you, can’t live without you, Just Wanna know, can’t let you go,… Read More »Just Wanna