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Few thoughts

On this day I cherish,as my 50th post begins to flourish,reflecting many thoughts that became a rhyme ,many friends I made so sweet and kind.making true a writer’s destiny and completing an half – century!!!… Read More »Few thoughts

Trophy of a Poet

A writer puts down his/her feelings through his writings and that poem or story is a testimony to his expressions. Another hope is someday make it big and it is wonderful when this dream comes… Read More »Trophy of a Poet

Unclear Weather

The coast wasn’t the same anymore,The weather was unclear across the shore.Birds flying earlier were gone,Just few minutes were left to end the dawn.The boat was craning its neck against the rope,Everyone was now beginning… Read More »Unclear Weather


Hazel Eyes with which she gazes through,Enamored by her even he is too.A smile on her face gives him a surprise,Reassuring himself he holds her hand to break the ice.This is the moment both can’t… Read More »Hearts