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How many of you love reading books, could you name few that have inspired your life. Today, I will share my review on Vitamin H, a beautiful book authored by Abhishek Thakkar and you will surely be compelled to read it instantly!

Book Review

You are already intrigued by the title of this book, Vitamin H, aren’t you? Rightly so, this book is a collection of quotes and thoughts that propels every reader to ponder deeply into his/her life through a bioscope. The author Abhishek Thakkar is a deep thinker and can clearly articulate his message which reflects in every capsule he shares with us to awaken our minds. 

According to me, what’s most impressive is that the author has very thoughtfully emphasized on how we can face the odds and evens of life. Thus, he has carefully selected the odd numbered pages to include quotes about our choices; self discover our strengths and relations. The even ones aim to sail you through all the situations that you have been trying to avoid, accept positive changes and not bash ourselves or be harsh for things out of our control. 

This book is meant for all of us who are mostly in self- denial mode when we are faced with grave challenges or failures and look out for others for acceptance and help. As quoted from the book “Most of us don’t need to be cured. We want to be healed”. 

I highly recommend this unique book of Vitamin H – a self healing book to find your true purpose of life.

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Amazon- Paperback Version and Kindle Version Ebook

Goodreads- Paperback Version

Do share your takeaways from this easy breezy but impactful book.

Stay Tuned for more such Book Reviews and insights.

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10 simple ways a mood tracker can change your lifestyle

Have you been in a situation where you were ready to meet up a friend and been called up to say “not possible today?” What is your instant reaction-Ofcourse you make it evident to your friend, probably have a war of words too. Later,say it is okay but you were planning for this day for so long . May be even weeks in advance.

Recollect those days when you went to work, college each morning in anticipation for the planned weekend to be the perfect getaway.

So, how do you spend the next few hours after your plans  didn’t work out ? Get back to what you were last doing or for a moment imagine what the day would have been if not for that call.

Our  body consists of physical, spiritual and mental components. But one factor we always ignore is the Emotional (mood).

We hardly pay any heed our moods that drive our emotions or thoughts.

You must have read countless tips on managing our moods, these are my simple ways to make Life more simple.

So how does a mood tracker help us to get better and make life simple

Analyse before we react– Just as we track our spending to avoid unnecessary expenses, we can track our mood to avoid going overboard with our emotions. In case, we are lazy to do read a entire book, we can change our mood to listen to a podcast or ebook.

Mood consciousness helps us to avoid snapping at others if we have had a bad situation and learn to control our thoughts to discuss only with a concerned group for help.

simple way to use mood tracker in life
Photo by Izabella Bedő from Pexels

Avoids Setbacks– For instance, you meet your classmate today who is now a well known person in your industry for a client meeting. What’s your  first possible reaction? Maybe surprise followed by guilt of not achieving those milestones, right!

The prime intention to focus on having good mental health and self care is avoiding setbacks. We can gauge our feelings more effectively for an untoward incident  which could occur in our life.

Mood tracker can train our minds to accept both good and bad days in equal measures. This psychology helps us to be reduce stress, accept reality and motivate us to hustle harder.

Monday Blues– We all identify with the crazy cycle of Monday blues we face, don’t we? We are always on our toes to do our morning chores, rush to catch the next train or bus, sprint through the office door and then hurry up to finish our work on time. At the end of the day, we are bummed with fatigue, targets not achieved, lot of backlogs.

Work will still continue, but what if we balance out our Mondays with proper mood plannings. Affirmations to get done quickly. Prioritize  mundane tasks and important things to keep your energy levels high. Take breaks to cheer your mood with a happy quote on your desk, a snack/ drink.

Mandala/ Doodling – Have you tried Mandala or doodling before ? I used to do this unconsciously as a student when I was bored of the chapters I had to revise . Recently, I began doodling to keep my mind calm without having to worry about ‘what next.’

One of the best mood tracker that bring out your creativity side to the optimum and relaxes your mind to delve deeper into something that you create as you feel like. There are no restrictions and thus, it feels you have achieved a new form of art .

Changes in Weather– Do you feel clumsy when it is raining outside and you have to visit buy your grocery. Often our behaviour takes a shift when we love or dislike a season. We either dress well or wear dull clothes to suit our feelings.

Next time, think about wearing a bright outfit for a summer morning, have a cup of tea/coffee in raining season, Don’t wait to have a scoop of ice- cream only in the summers.

Mediate (Read into your mind)- Relaxing your mind is most important when you want to keep a sane mood always. You will find many friends around you who can handle stress and not bawl over petty issues.

It is because even unconsiosuly they have trained their mind to let go of being perfect and taking things normally as they come. They are prepared for any situation and rather indulge to deal with situations.

So, Meditate to keep every emotion in control with your wishes.

Understanding crucial triggers– Does someone’s brand new car or bike in the neighbourhood bother you?

A trigger could be anything that messes with your feelings and reflects in your behaviour towards the event. Understanding your mood could help you stay away from being overwhelmed everytime you see your own old car/bike.

Controlling in your capacity can sustain even serious nervous breakdowns in future.

Better Diagonis for good mental health– Today, there are more therapists and life coaches that guide us to help us understand our mood swings, have sessions to monitor and improve your mental health.

A mood chart will help them guide you with right guidance for therapy, the severity of our behaviours and help to handle cases of depression.

Watching Movies and Music- This has been my go to option when I am in a dull space. I have been watching a lot of thrillers, comedies and action movies to keep my mind occupied and away from being idle and ruminating on old wounds.

Keep away from old sagas and boring related stuff!

Writing– I haven’t yet started maintaining journals, so wouldn’t comment on it. But I do write which keeps my mind calm. Writing or even scribbling some random thoughts about your day and feelings relaxes you rather than bogging yourself with all the negativity.

Often, we create a pile of make-beliefs which have no substance. Replace those thoughts by keeping few minutes spare just for your ink.

Do not edit it while you write. Just write as your heart desires and watch your heart pour its soul over. See the magic happening!


We go through lot of emotions every moment, but little efforts to make it less stressful and more brighter can keep our spirits high and emotions in check. Eventually becoming a better version of ourselves.

Check out these fun and interesting mood trackers I found for you-Adorable Mood Tracker by Laura

Let me know in the comment below Do you track your mood and if Yes, which tracker you use?

If No, feel free to share why so…because no judgements passed here!

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How to conduct a successful webinar that remains evergreen

One of the most used buzzword in 2020 apart from “pandemic” has been “Webinars”.Companies,brands, professionals have started following this medium to communicate with their customers directly through a virtual presence.  Experts in various fields have realized that Webinars are the future model to scale up their businesses and gain success.

So , How many of you have attended Webinars in the past few months ? Or Are you yourself a Webinar Host? According to you, what makes it actually click. ( Think for a  moment  and answer in the comments).

After attending a lot of different types of webinars myself and researching on the same, sharing my useful insights with you.

Here’s how you can start a successful webinar of  Your Own :

successful webinar
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Choosing a topic/ niche

Following the trend is good, but don’t follow the herd without your own homework. Whether you are already conducting webinars or a beginner, the crucial aspect of a hosting a Webinar is choice of topic you have knowledge about and can communicate to the audience.

Your content should be really specific , informative and well researched

Eg: Entrepreneurship is a broad concept. Choose topics like – “Guide for Solopreneurs to scale up their brand”.

Success Tip Research about a SEO friendly topic, communicate with the people in your network about the challenges they are facing and choose the most viable option. Prepare notes for sub topics.

Prepare to handle any situation

One of the common issues faced in case you are hosting Webinars are external factors like technological glitches, attendees not yet present for the sessions, disinterested audiences or first time users in  a webinar platform .

It is advisable for you to have a moderator who can take charge of the situation without the flow of the session being disrupted.

Success TipRemember it is okay, don’t get overworked by the situation. Respond by quick interaction with audiences .Keep catchy phrases handy. Send a text to the concerned person incase an expert intervention is needed.

A confident Speaker

A speaker is the one who can engage even a disengaged audience to listen. The whole point of having a Webinar is conduct a meaningful session and built a relationship with your audience.

Having confident speakers who have fair knowledge in the subject is more helpful to make it a success. He/ She will be able to add their own experiences, learnings to the topics making it more relatable.

Success TipModulate your voice to pause at an important word/ phrase or even repeat the sentence to get the point across. Do so in moderations.

Listening to your target audience

identify your target audience
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Webinars are different from hosting a conference or meetings. They are meant to be a two- way communication process. Recently, I came across a webinar having more of product promotion actually meant for education. So, you need to differentiate your sessions accordingly and inform the audience. 

Eg: “How can this specific Self Help e-book make your life easier”. Then, audiences are aware that the entire session will include the benefits of the e- book and even want to buy it.

Success TipSuppose you may have planned for a topic, but there is no response. Keep that session later in your schedule. Don’t push content for namesake.

Time factor

keep time as main factor for presentations

Defining the exact schedule of the webinar,the exact time, date and availability is necessary to make a Webinar effective and successful. Conduct a rehersal with the moderator and the speakers before going Live.

Jot down the time each speaker can have and try to stick to it. This will also help to keep a Time slots free for audiences to interact which usually takes longer. Mark your calendars and also factor in different time zones.

Success TipScheduling your whole session can help you keep short breaks incase it is an indepth topic discussion to be held for long hours so that audiences aren’t bored or leave.

Use of Correct Resources

Conducting a Webinar on an online platform makes us steer back from the whole process. Many of us find it more easier to speak to a live audience rather than online platform where we are looking at the camera and the screen. So using the right resources can solve our fears.

Invest in a good mic,headphones(optional),recording software.

use good resources like mic and recorder in webinar
Photo by samer daboul from Pexels

Keep your environment noise free.Keep your notes,water bottle,snacks handy and put your phone on silent mode. The speakers while conducting the sessions need to be prompt and specific with topics relevant in that niche that could be possibly asked.

Using of visuals will make the participants grasp the concepts faster.Eg: Path to go a website and visit specific tabs for reference can be shown in either Diagrams or Snapshot of the Screen.

There is a positive impression that each session is been given top priority and all the efforts will show in those few hours.

Success TipIncase you have slides in your session, highlight and spend more time on  the important keyword chapters/topics so that the participants can learn those concepts better.

Answering the audiences

As participants, we all look forward to be a part of the session where we want to voice our queries and get solutions from the speakers. So, how can we have an effective audience interaction as the host.Choose to answer being asked by the moderator on behalf of the audiences.

Simple and easy process. Collate all the questions rather than peering on the screen making it more awkward.If you have few group of participants,call them by name and invite them to speak.

Success TipIf you are a beginner, request members to raise their hands or type in their queries in the chat box to answer them systematically.

Promotional and Marketing strategies

Our whole focus here is not just conducting a webinar, but conducting it successfully. Proper planning, scheduling of events and promotions play a very important role.

get maximum benefit from digital media strategies for evergreen webinar
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

As you have already begun by taking opinions of your network for choosing topic at the start, conducting Q and A, polls, send invites to see how many are interested to attend the session makes it more engaging.

Strategize your content, built surprises, write captions and promote on various social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram to create a buzz and invite more participants.

Let your audiences know “Why your webinar should not be missed, what could be the possible takeaways”.

Success TipPromote “ Free” webinars to attract audiences. Suppose your session is a paid version- promote the USP of the session- a prominent guest speaker, Exclusive content etc.

Evergreen Content

Focusing on the latter aspect of our Title, an Evergreen content holds more prominence of making your webinar earn accolades and revenue.

But, you may wonder, once the session is over, how can we still utilize it to the optimum?

The trick is keep track of your  certain important segments and repackage it on your social media platforms to let newcomers know about your achievements. You could also use your webinar as perfect model to pitch clients for leads and build brand collaborations.

     Evergreen Webinar Content can be used as your USP in future projects, company website and blog posts. Follow up with your team and participants for growth, sustainability and uniqueness of your brand.

Success TipCreate a research database specifically to studies, prepare reports to analyze your previous sessions performance, member’s feedback and reach you generated  on regular basis to help you improve your next webinar more fruitfully.

evergreen webinar
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

So friends, I got you all the resources that leads you ahead in your journey of being a LEADER, Now it’s Your Time for Action. Feel Free to share your webinar experiences and if you are host, share your work here for us to get connected with you!

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Arushi Mathur- Brbun Illustrations

I opened my eyes to see the morning nestled in heaven
with the sun wearing his prism glasses glancing over at me
The rainbow hinted clouds swam ever so smoothly
over the shoulders of the mountains decked in specks of snow liberally

Ah, I wondered what season was it,
having a frame of snow laden mountains in a hot summer?
I rubbed my eyes to get a proper glimpse
to make sure it wasn’t just a fantasy dream or slumber!

My feet were tickled by the chrysanthemums, lilies and the roses
nudging my toes to quickly go under the cocoon of the greens
Did I reach the gates of the paradise so beautiful
That my soul suddenly desired to scream!

I gathered the mist inside my palms
Pearls of pristine white crystal dews
Cascading along with the chirping birds
A song of peace and tranquility they crooned

I felt an enigmatic rush of divine bliss
As the feeble current of the waters rowed
In a little lake amidst in this heaven of nirvana
Glittered and glowed wearing a majestic silver robe.

I drank a few sips of the nectar-like potion
While the icy wind passed by to its next travel distantly
I sat in the womb of a divine universe
Filled with its unique aura and miraculous simplicity.

In a while, I find few others join me in this retreat
Absorbing the vibes of this land of ethereal sanctuary
They too had come along to experience
The heaven on earth’s pristine glory.

Now, you may sure contemplate and wonder
Was this a dream after all?
Dear friend, these are just my penned words in tribute
But look carefully at that scenic beauty you enjoyed a while ago,
Weren’t you too present there afterall !

P.S- I wrote this poem inspired by a wonderful illustrator- Arushi Mathur- Brbun Illustrations

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career switch- another banker turned freelancer

Change is inevitable and rightly so for many of us. Mostly circumstances lead us to this transitory phase and sometimes a “Transformation” is the only next alternative we have. Is switching careers a Right Choice?

I started Blogging in around 2009 in College to express my thoughts into a Digital Space organically growing to understand different nuances Writing has to offer.

To be honest, until then inking Poems was a side hustle, a passion I still continue to live everyday.

So, What was this Life Changing experience?

Choosing Banking and working in the corporate world was my choice and I considered it to be my destiny.

I enjoyed being part of daily hustle and achieving targets, engaging with customers, training new entrants, handling bank operations and team meetings etc.

career switch
pic credit-vlada karpovich from pexels

But slowly, I began to get the itch of doing something that I really passionate about i.e. Writing!

Sometimes, everything you do doesn’t feel or work right!

Poetry on many occasions made me evolve as a person. As a writer, to pen down words that resonate your voice and connect with your audiences is a great accomplishment.

I was lucky enough to have my work appreciated, read by my readers and given feedback to improve my skills.

It became a platform to interact with writers who were into diverse fields yet brilliant writers creating beautiful content.

I owe my journey of becoming an author which helped me grow as poet.

The Real Switch 

I took the plunge of quitting my job and decided to work full time as a Content Writer in Jan 2020. 

Many of you who are following my blog know that after migrating my blog from Blogspot to WordPress, I used to initially update different themes to get a hang of how each would help the  reader experience.

Facts and Takeaways :

Challenged myself to push boundaries– I love poetry but didn’t venture into full fledged writing all these years. So I challenged myself and took my first Certification in the field of Writing.

Timing was too perfect –Decided to become Freelancer and within a month or so we were faced with the Covid ’19 pandemic. Life is never perfect.  I was dejected but have not given up.

No prior experience as Content Writer– Content writing is an ocean which has gamut of learnings in store. This inspired me to take courses and upskill my knowledge in writing, and yes I am loving it.

It has motivated since then to articulate many articles as posted here.

HUSTLE HARDER-(pics credit)https://iheartintelligence.com/

A fish in the pond– More people are choosing to become a freelancers in 2020 and why not, it is where you can explore your passion, the creative potpourri.

Coding not my cup of tea– As a blogger for several years, one of major concerns has been handling the tech factor for my blog. So advice is better keep arms wide open to learn the basics so that your journey is less stressful. ( Do you want to hear about it ?)

Past connections– Past connections with readers and writers helped to understand the  nuances of blogging and hence, the freelancing bit didn’t feel like an alien. Many aspects of how we blog, what content we share has changed making it more competitive, challenging to be all rounded creative person.

What will not change:

  • Writing Poetry
  • Engaging with audiences
  • Life as an epicenter – Life being the crux of this whole Blog
  • Sharing experiences, achievements and learnings

Look forward to :

  • More content driven articles and Poems
  • Goal setting for collaborations, open invitations to become guest blogger on IML 
  • Sharing my freelancing journey with you
  • Staying in touch with all followers and visitors, both present and those  who have been with me since I began this journey.

Shout Out to all my readers and followers.

Stay Creative and Post in your feedback in the Comments Section.

Thank you dear mentioned Followers who keep me motivated to write for you:

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