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Has your Alfaaz made an impact on others? -Book review

Hi friends, today I want to share with you an amazing book called ‘Alfaaz’ I got a chance to read. To be honest, I am reading Hindi poems after many years, but once I picked… Read More »Has your Alfaaz made an impact on others? -Book review

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Untold Story of my Life

I looked for a perfect life around me through a transparent view of searching for something I would be proud of. I was seeking for sympathy, kindness and companionship hoping I would fit into their… Read More »Untold Story of my Life

Rainbow Sprinkles

Don’t hide behind those rainbow sprinkles that kiss your cheeks like morning dews Wait for me to lay my eyes on you that had fake freckles of their own I shed those freckles of judgement… Read More »Rainbow Sprinkles