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Its My Life- Elvira Lobo

Hi, I am Elvira Lobo, the Creative Weirdo of this Blog. I am a creative enthusiast, an avid book reader and love exploring the world with my ink. I work as a freelance content writer based in Mumbai, India.

A Poet by heart, I also write Articles, Prompts, Flash Fiction etc .

Starting as personal trivia, Its My Life began as a journey of life slowly heading now into the creative domain.

My Ink Haven is – Love, Life , Nature and Relationships in Poetry and dives into creative world through inspirations, experiences and learnings in life.

I do love watching movies, listening to music to keep my creative fuels burning (a true midnight owl).

Started as a passion project in 2009, Thanks this Blog, I have engaged with many readers , sharing their Life, having funny conversations over a string of comments and also etched many milestones over the years.

Do Follow my work, I would love to hear from you!

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