A Sonetto For the Poetic World-Book Review


A Review on “A Sonetto” by Dr Ampat Koshy and Dr Santosh Bakaya

You can call it hiberantion or Missing in action as people call it. Yeah that’s what my life was until this moment. Well, how can a poet stay away from poetry or so to say sonnets.

Having written Roseate Sonnets, it was my eager mind that got me curious to know about sonnets. This is exactly the book “Sonetto” is meant to be. A book you will learn from, read and explore the universe that rhymes have in store for you.

And unlike other books, this book travels with you to the lanes, experience and era of poets who introduced, dabbled their ink to crave a lasting impression with imagery and words.

A well-researched book about the world of sonnets, from the point of view of an era to an ideology of a poet, the sonnet tests the rhythm of a poet’s imagination. It is so well articulated by Dr Koshy sir that reading sonnets and likewise writing them feels like a train journey. Inspiring to know the history, present and future of sonnets and poets who wave their ink in attempt of sharing their voice using the beautiful sonnet as a medium. Dr Santosh Ma’am Roseate Sonnet is a masterpiece in itself. The way her rhymes sway to the tunes of the world around us, it is s applaud worthy.

Kudos to power duo who decided to enlighten us with this gem of a book.

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