The Untold Tales:Love & Other Demons-Book Review

the untold tales of love

Are you looking for a light read with amazing storytelling? Then, here’s a book ” The Untold Tales-Love & Other Demons” I read this week.

These are untold tales of our daily lives but more than often we choose to ignore them. The beauty of this short collection is that you get a mirage of emotions defined well into words and intended to address you, the reader’s mind.

So, let’s hop onto my review and hope you are intrigued!

Book Review:

The Untold Tales-Love and Other Demons is a collection of 13 short stories woven and inspired by real-life incidents. As a reader who loves to read stories more than often, this book encapsulates life in a capsule.

The book shares a mirage of emotions ranging from love, faith, fear to the extent of deceit and societal boundaries. The highs and lows that a human endures to fit in or run away from experiences in life are written through subtle words.

The characters are etched to be showing outbursts of emotions that are fairly normal yet thugs your heartstrings.

Just as in life, these stories have an unpredictable ending. They are born out of circumstances that address the demon in us in form of lies, greed, jealousy, lust.

I particularly liked the stories ‘If I had a last wish’ and ‘Kisna’. With a lucid writing style, this book is a perfect read for those who aren’t avid readers.

This book is an easy read with many lessons woven into tales and surely be part of the reading bucket list.

So, if you love short stories, there you go my friend, check this book for sure!

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