Creative Content Mavericks Ebook on Content Creation

The last time we met was in April while I was busy penning Napowrimo for you. As a passion endeavour “ Creative Project for Artists” already on this blog, this is ‘going the extra mil’e to make a specially crafted resource for you to create content about things you love on social media.

And voila, did I mention I was working on my most ambitious project till date, designing my first ever digital product?

Well folks, here it is: I named it Creative Content Mavericks. A resource guide for creative people like you- writers, bloggers, artists, food enthusiasts, coaches and designers.

Your handy Content Ebook with 200+ prompts to help you create content with confidence on social media and build a creative venture of your own.

Learn to how better your skill as a blogger, writer, poet, artist. Afterall, staying creative is a daily effort. Won’t you want to convert into your side hustle and earn from it ? Everybody loves extra money!

Content Prompts & Activities , 30 days content Calendar, social media content strategies, bonus creative ideas and much more.

content creation mavericks
Creative Content Workbook-Absolutely FREE!!!-

A dedicated workbook to put your plans into action and grow as a content creator.

ccm workbook for writers and artists

I know you are keen to know more!

Well here it is a value-packed resource at an unbelievable price(limited time offer) – Click here

It’s time you make get your writing levelled up, fine tune your content, have fun with hundreds of prompts to choose to make your very own REELS, TIK TOK, VIDEOS, BLOGS, CAPTIONS in matter of few minutes!

As part of IML family, it makes me proud and can’t wait for you to see the results this resource is gonna do for you- LOADED WITH PRACTICAL EXAMPLES, EXPERIENCES, QUOTES AND PUNS!

Cheers and don’t forget to Book your copy RIGHT NOW!

Love, Elvira

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