NaPoWriMo- 1st April 2021-A Place in my body

I felt my rushed up blood reach my cheeks
when his eyes fell over mine.
Did they fall like the first drizzle of rain
Or did they slide over like a dollop of butter?
I do not know for I cared not
Even as the clock ticked dot by dot .
All that mattered was his eyes met mine
Until then I waved to him a few days ago
Balancing my heels over to crane my short neck
But sadly his eyes were drooping over the book on the desk
O never mind that I was behind a glass window
All that mattered was my eyes had seen him.
Now that our eyes had met,
I could tell him that it was me who stole his bookmark
It was he who was the first guy to read my name on the blacklist board in the library
Let him see through my eyes the universe I built for us
All that matters that our eyes have fallen for each other
It is time to sit on a common bench
Leaf through a single book
Move our fingers in unison to read a para
And go in trance to be part of a story to be written soon.

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