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vitamin h volume 2

Are you avid book reader? Do you prefer series or single book read? The power-packed suspense and drama unfolding inside the next book in a series makes you wanna grab a cup of tea and get hooked till the end. But, here is a gem of a series that is a Volume of Quotes. And yet, the Vitamin H Volume 2 takes a step higher to keep the same momentum and gets even better.

Since, I last reviewed the Volume 1- Vitamin H ( Do check it out), the author Abhishek Thakkar sleek and crisp writing style impresses me. I am glad to share the review of the new book Volume 2 -Vitamin H with you.

Book Review

Many dishes are tasted, but only a few are relished by you forever. Vitamin H series by author Abhishek Thakkar is an epitome of a delicious meal that savours your heart instantly. Like the Volume 1 which propelled a reader to ponder into his/her life, this Volume 2 of Vitamin H stirs the renaissance of the author’s mission to learn and teach yourself, the power of self-fulfillment.

These simple and enriching quotes helped me questioned my thoughts, reclaim my confidence and listen to the reality of the universe as it unfolds. Getting comfortable in your own skin does take time and effort. We often rush to make things perfect and completely lose the moment.

My favourite quotes from the book are “If somebody has failed, he or she has tried something new. And, trying implies courage. A person who is brave enough to try something new can never lose in the long run. He or she will see success manifesting very soon” and “Cynics talk about the impossible. Creative ones achieve the impossible. Choose wisely”.

Vitamin H shares the millennial vibe of uplifting your spirits by choosing not only to take actions but owning up your actions. The author emphasizes the importance of love and humility as a supreme indicator of your success. The poet in him transforms the essence of a book into notes of wisdom that readers can benefit from in their daily life.

I highly recommend this beautiful book of Vitamin H – a gem that will add a new holistic meaning to your life.

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