An Unusual Path-“Glass Doors” by Satbir Chadha (Book Review)

Glass doors By Satbir Chadha= Book Review

If you want to see what a poetic world looks like, then Satbir Chadha Ma’am’s book “ Glass Doors” is one such destination! There are few books that contain a universe of emotions within themselves. As a reader, you are invited to this majestic unusual path of glass doors . This book of poems introspects the present while retrospects about many convictions and assumptions that we surrounded in life.

Does your life give you a reality check?

If you want to see what a poetic world looks like, then Satbir Chadha Ma’am’s “ Glass Doors” is indeed such a destination! Her verses carry tales on cultures, opinions, judgements, life adventures and emotions. They enter into this glass door in different forms, wearing diverse themes and styles. Inviting us into imagery of strong sentiments, Satbir Ma’am manages to hold your attention with her sincere and smart voice. Her penned words flirt with the age-old mixed beliefs and baggages that most people carry along with them i.e self-doubt, self-respect and self-worth. You are also given a glimpse of the true essence of devotion and spirituality. As you retreat with Satbir Ma’am into bits of nostalgia, she tickles you with her witty words and humour.

While every poem in this collection is a pure gem, you should definitely read the “I was so mistaken”, “Look inside you” and “ Then came hypocrisy” for its unusual scene, strong message and impressive takeaway.

“Immerse yourself into the high and low notes of poetry like a wave in the ocean”- Elvira

If empathy has made you relate with her, so are her romantic notes on love. These sweet nuggets of love cocooned behind the curtains of verses continue to stay with you in your heart.

I highly recommend you to read the book“ Glass Doors” and absorb into the beautiful poetic chimes of life.

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