Candid Creative Chat with Nazish Kondkari

Hey Guys, Happy New Year 2021 ! Let’s get Creatively inspired this year!

With all gusto of beginning your year with new resolutions and learnings, I am pleased to feature this Candid session for you Creative People.

For those who are new to my blog, Candid Creative Chat session is a part of the ‘Creativity Project‘ wherein we have creative artists from different fields who share their life journey, creative interests and insights on being a creative person with us.

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Artists in the house, Wake up !

Welcome our beautiful Guest , Miss Nazish Kondkari, a multi-passionate creative artist. A Mumbai based blogger, published writer ,freelancer (same as me Bingo! ),talented artist and digital illustrator.

” Like a fierce Phoenix , she rose to the Creative Skies that today even the Universe has greeted her with a Rainbow”

Join Nazish as she takes you along to a flight into her creative journey and freelancing experience.

Fireside Chat with Nazish Kondkari:

I have known Nazish, the creative artist only recently, but hey, She is real POWERHOUSE!

nazish kondkari writer and artist
Nazish Kondkari, the creative genius

1. A Brief Introduction about yourself

I am Nazish, from Mumbai. A post-graduate in English Literature, a published writer, a blogger, a self-taught artist who specializes in acrylics and water colour painting mediums and also a graphic illustrator. (You see, it’s very hard for me to give a small introduction about myself )

2. Let us know about your artistic journey, the different art forms you love doing and what inspired you?

Childhood journey :

As a child, I was never inclined towards art. In fact, in school I used to hate drawing periods. I was horrible at it. Perhaps, growing up I was always inclined towards small DIY craft projects however, they used to not turn out well. I was interested in DIY handmade card making after my 12th grade and was searching for some classes. That’s when I came across one stroke paintings and learned it through some classes. Perhaps, that was merely as a hobby and to pass my vacation time.

On finding her creative calling:

It is when I turned 23 (year 2018),  I realized I do have the talent in me. One of my closest cousin sister had her birthday coming up and I had no idea what to gift her. I really wanted to gift her something special. I was going through Pinterest for some gift ideas and that’s when I came across mini canvas paintings. I bought 2 mini canvases and tried painting, after that there was no looking back.

Every day I started painting either from a tutorial or just by looking at a picture. It felt as if magically I have been blessed with this talent. Honestly, people take years to hone their skills and here I was just doing one painting after the other. Of’course, I still have a lot of room left for improvements but still back then and even today it just feel surreal.

When her Artistic Wings took a flight:

cartoon,faceless graphic
Can you guess this? ©Nazish Kondkari

In 2016, out of the blue I had opted for a basic graphic designing course and learnt more about graphic illustrations and designing. It was only in 2019, after I completed Post-Graduate studies feeling lost started reading and watching videos about Digital marketing .

After a bit of research and going through some online courses, I decided to launch my own blogging website and start paying attention on my blog (I had a free blogging website on wordpress since 2013) and also decided to explore my digital illustration skills.

I worked upon my own collection of poems in 2019 and launched it as an Ebook on Amazon kindle. I began posting some of my random illustration designs, improving my cartooning skills and even tried selling my acrylic paintings.

I took up a role as a digital illustrator for an awareness group too in the year 2019. While working for them, I realized I needed to have my brand logo and launched it by the end of the year in order to gain recognition in the market.

On dealing with her Creative Turmoil :

illustration , graphic art

At the start of year 2020, I launched a new page on Instagram and brought down all of my old accounts and also introduced my logo + started my digital illustrator journey. I started posting my illustrated cartoons, some old cartoons we used to watch as children which were loved by my audience.

Perhaps, in August (2020) I left cartooning for some of my personal beliefs and honestly that was a heartache I still feel the pain for.

After that it was the most difficult thing to pick myself up back again.

I felt completely lost and broken, Imagine you working hard for almost a year, mind you I sucked at drawing human or even cartoons and worked really hard to improve my skills for a year and suddenly you realize it’s not meant for you… It’s something I don’t think I can get over it. Perhaps, just trying to sail through it but definitely not over it…

nazish logo

A Fresh Lease of Life – Nazish Finds her Core Niche as a Creative Artist:

During that phase, I somehow managed to divert my mind and found a little interest in brush calligraphy + watercolour paintings… And that’s how I also got to explore a bit more of the artist hidden within me. I hardly used to touch watercolours, but realized they are more fun to play around with.

I took a month break from posting on Instagram and practiced watercolours and brush calligraphy. Gradually, I started posting and also got into illustrating without facial features which many are unaware is a kind of style which many practice irrespective of their beliefs.

desk calendar using watercolours

Towards the end of 2020, I introduced my designed desk calendar and the hand drawn and painted designs using water colours, I also introduced a digitally designed To-do-list notepad and 2021 planner. Currently I am already working on more products to be launched and one is already ready to be launched in the month of January as that’s my birth month. Let that remain a surprise…

3. How much time do you spend as a visual artist to pursue this craft?

Honestly, I have no answer to this because being multi talented and having so much on your plate already is hard to juggle. Perhaps, I do feel emotionally low if I have not painted or journaled my thoughts down or written something good for long.

I try to practice as much as I can though when I am working for a client or a project, it does get difficult to make some time to work on my skills.

4. Having known as multitalented creative artist, how do you hustle to keep your varied interests?

(Getting a thoughtful mode ) I do find it difficult to keep up with everything. However, I feel I need to learn to stay organized and pre-plan things to stay less messy… That is something I am learning.

5.What does Creativity mean to you?

Wearing a beautiful smile, Nazish says,

Creativity is my way of living life, a purpose I am surviving on. Writing has always been very close to me and with time Art has also become a vital part of my life now. And I feel I won’t be able to survive without writing or art anymore.

Nazish Kondkari

6. What’s a typical Day in a Life as an Artist?

My days are mostly spent either planning to learn to hone my skills in some way, finding inspiration from fellow artists around, trying to figure out how can I be more expert in my field.

There are days when I feel low, de-motivated and face self doubts. It’s very hard to find my way back and on those days ,I try to divert my mind either through reading books or just writing my thoughts out.

7. Tell us about your beautiful Blogging journey:

I was 18 when I realized I want to be a writer and started blogging in the year 2013. Back then, I didn’t know anything about blogging except just writing my poems, thoughts and posting/publishing it. It was hard alongside my studies to be a consistent blogger.

But it was through my first blog website where I had published an article on some incident. While travelling in a train , I noticed that someone came across that same article and wanted to publish it in their e-magazine that too on a Women’s Day. So that’s how my very first article got published in an e-magazine.

Then another one got published for the same e-magazine in another edition. Then 3 of my short stories got published in 3 different anthology books between (2014 and 2015), In 2019 I published my own ebook on Amazon Kindle which are a collection of my poems, and in the year 2020, 2 poems got published in another anthology book.

A lot of other articles got published on either some social sites or magazines. Currently I have my own blogging website where I blog and learning to stay consistent with it.

8. Nazish, as a talented creative artist , could you enlighten a newbie who is inspired by you about “Freelancing”?

nazish services

Freelancing is not an easy business since you are solely running it, marketing , promoting your work as well and trying to connect with people around. It gets difficult at a point if you don’t have a proper plan and strategy. I still am struggling in the same business so I feel I am not an expert to advice anyone. All I can say is keep working on your skills and be active on social media. Post your work daily no matter how imperfect it is. Just be consistent with your content, try to connect with some community and take help from experts.

Tips on how you to approach clients:

Honestly, I am still learning this. However, I managed to get clients either through  reference or when someone must have shared my work and sometimes through some community (in my case I managed to get my first client through Kool Kanya community where I keep posting my work and updates and even try to interact with women who may be expert at giving me advice for something I am stuck at).

9.Which is your preferred choice – handmade art, illustrations or digital graphics and why?

hand painted crafts ,handmade drawings

I love and have done digital illustrations. However, till now I have worked for 2 commissioned work and both of my clients have preferred handmade water colour illustrations. I feel people get touched by handmade art. For me it’s hard to choose anyone.

10. The most common challenges a budding artist face are visibility, work not getting appreciated or lack of funds. So what according to you stops people to take this as full time career option?

I feel it’s both lack of funds and visibility.

People often question me and judge me for pricing my service and products on an expensive side. What they forget is, I give my 100% efforts into it, invested in certain things that I hope to get returns on? I buy my own art materials and also need to save money. If you expect me to provide you stuff and services for free or at low rate, how will I survive?

Art is not cheap and neither is handmade stuff. It takes efforts, time and someone has put their creativity into it. They also need finance to invest in their art materials as well as savings that we all need to do. How can an artist survive if they wish to make money only through their talent and art?

Nazish Kondkari

Many artists are still facing this issue, and it’s so sad that art is still termed as “hobby” or something to just pass time and not appreciated at all? And sometimes people don’t even value your time and efforts which is so upsetting. Art is also not appreciated ,lacks visibility due to which it is very easy to feel demotivated and hence people don’t take art as career option.

In just one year of my art journey, I have learned a lot and I am hoping in 2021,I get complete respect and appreciation for my art as well as for my time.

11. What do you expect from a large set of audience once you achieve more visibility and acceptance?

The only thing I expect is from myself to work harder, and improve my skills. And all I expect in return is respect and appreciation.

12. How do you deal with Creative Block moments like “I have not been able to give my best today”?

If I have creative block/ or not been able to paint properly and the art is getting ruined, I take a break either by watching my favorite shows or reading books. There is no use sitting with the same thoughts, it’s going to make things more worse. I get back to it with a fresh mind later sometimes next day or even after few days.

13. One thing you would like to tell your audience?

Respect art and try to share/like/comment on any artist work you follow.

Stop taking any service/products for free from any artist and in fact, from anyone who has put their time, efforts and energy. They may be your best friends or close relatives, pay them for their service and hard work.

Hand-made art shouldn’t be termed as cheap and let’s together break this notion. The same products if sold under some big brand name, people won’t think twice to pay for it, then why bargain with small artist or any artist?

Nazish Kondkari

It’s a talent but artist takes years and put in their time and efforts to work on their skills to be perfect.

14. On your personal brand Nazish having diverse skill sets.

I would like to known as “A writer by heart, a painter by chance and a graphic illustrator by choice. This creative person can bring it all on your table”.

digital illustration

15. Some Fun Facts:

You most creative spot- Hmm… there isn’t any specific spot, I work anywhere at my home. But mostly you will see me on my dinning table if it is painting and on my pc desk if it is digital illustration work or blogging.

Your preferred time to work – I am a night owl.

What new skills or hobbies you interested in?

I wish to learn oil painting (skills) and learn a new language (hobby) in the year 2021.

Favourite colour –Black, white and all shades of blue

Your role models or inspirations:

My parents. My mom is an ultra creative person ( check out Nazish Mom’s work on her Instagram page @sameerakondkari ). I get all the creativity from my mom while my father is a businessman. To be an independent woman in me comes from him I guess… I am a perfect mixture of both my parents.  J.K Rowling when it comes to writing, as an artist I feel every artist out there is an inspiration to me.

Name any works you are super proud of –

Both my watercolour commissioned work in the year 2020 that I did for my clients are something I am super proud of.

Thoughts about being a creative writer-

I write what I feel and through my experience. Perhaps, I feel I have a long way to go as a writer and there is a lot of room left for improvements. Being a writer again is not easy job, one needs to find their own style through practice and writing regularly. Topics needs to well- researched for which one needs to read a lot. I am still learning, perhaps, yes as a writer I have achieved a lot. Now my only goal is to be a best-selling author someday and work hard as a blogger.


Respect every Artist and their value of work. Share and Support them with your sincere comments and feedback.

Don’t put your creativity into a box. Explore the beauty of handmade crafts along with digital creations.

Craftsmanship comes in with years of experience and skill. Each gem is created with lot of dedication and creativity. Don’t demean it!

Be a constant learner and give time to let your creativity takes its stride.

Did you like the candid interview with Nazish. In what way did it inspire you?

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