Thank You for these Creative Wins in 2020

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When was last time you were thankful for things in your Life? Gratitude is a virtue we love to have but difficult to follow! Acknowledge your Creative Wins to step on the next pedestal of putting your dreams into action.

Hello friends, on this Christmas Eve, while we might be baking cakes, decorating our houses, decking up the Christmas Tree and giving final touches to the marzipans and pastries, I extend my gratitude to all you wonderful readers who have been my inspiration .

2020 was roller coaster ride for many of us and I am sure we learnt a lot of lessons over this past year!

Creative Wins that stood the test of time

1. Trusting your instincts :

Look how we far we made it. When the world was shut down in lockdown, your creative instincts rose to a new beginning. Bloggers, Poets, Bakers, Designers, Musicians, Graphic Artists, Singers, Dancers and all you creative buddies channelized your energy into your creativity. Freelancing, starting own Side hustles, Going Digital was the new normal we made through.

2. Upskilled your skills:

2020 did bring a halt to all plans, But, I guess, we learnt the value to nourish our talents with the right knowledge. You understood that your personal interest could be much more than a hobby. For instance, I took different courses on writing, freelancing, entrepreneurship, digital marketing designing, doodling, mandala, illustrations.

3. Working out of Comfort Zone :

Creative Writing is liberation of my thoughts. But this pandemic nudged me to pursue Writing seriously. Moving out of my comfort zone helps you push your boundaries:

a) I started most ambitious The Creative Project to support budding creative artists like you! Watching other creators coming up with series, this is a first for me.

b) I launched my 3rd Book as an Author –The Untied ShoeLaces- Poems on Autism in August.

c) Featured in Roseatte Anthology, Faishi Magazine, Interviewed by Monroe and featured on “Ode to a Poetess

4. Starting My 2nd Blog ” ElviraWritePorium :

Are you are blogger too! How was your blogging journey like this year ?

Blogging is a sphere of life that allows you to explore different avenues. I started my 2nd blog ElviraWritePorium that explores the power of Content Creation and Writing in a holistic way! Having a keen eye and interest for Creativity aspect of Content and Writing , this blog is a heart to heart journey that trails the nuances of Creative minds to learn, grow and develop their vision of the future!

5. Grown stronger and wiser:

Starting from scratch after moving to WordPress has been quite an experience! But, I am so grateful to interact with bloggers, artists and readers like you who have stood by me all throughout my creative explorations- Poems, Articles, Doodles, Prompts, Napowrimo and Pandorathon.

A Big shout to you, my dedicated followers and subscribers for your immense love and encouragement!

Special mentions: DirtyScifibuddha, Thedihedral and Tetiana Aleksina for showering your love and being my constant anchors of support. I owe you to inspire me to write ! Thanks a million!


Like many highs, there were many lows and bitter experiences we carry in our hearts. Its My life has seen many hardships and faced my gloomy days, It is these Creative Wins that spark joy. Here’s Wishing you and your families Merry Christmas!

Hi Friends, What have been your Creative Wins this year? Any projects, activities you want to share?


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