Do their words hurt you?

toxic words toxic people

Do their words hurt you? Are you afraid and guilty to say things that were once normal to you?

Yup, I am talking about Toxic people who sabotage your peace.

Stay away from these toxic people who dig deeper and disrupt your life. I have myself met many of them in my life. It used to surprise me but not anymore ! Life invites you to meet different kinds of people and will continue to. Stop holding onto a bunch of these toxic ones.

“Remember, Life continues to be perfect and normal to them in their world. You are just another one they will slowly crawl onto!”

Elvira lobo

I have written and shared with you a series of romantic poems on LOVE.

But, just as in Life, it aint all rosy, I needed to write about dealing and talking about toxicity here.

Real Talk with Elvira

You must have met many people who are mean. But toxic words or actions turn the tables over.

I have had one of my talented colleague go into depression because of toxic words used at him. This was one of my closest experience of watching a happy natured guy lose his career. Few of my friends have had toxic relationships. I had a personal ugly experience and wouldn’t want anyone to face it.

It may sound silly, but be careful with your words and mind others too. If you feel someone is toxic, stop it and confront the person.

Be wise and keep distant from them. You aren’t being harsh, just staying away from being hurt and hateful words

It sounds overrated with people talking about more often than ever, but hey, you need to address these issues to avoid things turn bad for you or anyone in your life !

We talk about mental health issues, toxicity is one such evil . Don’t let them ride your life. Live your best life amongst your best people-Love Elvira

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