Inktober- Did you lock me in your love?

lock and trap my heart

Did you Lock me ?

You locked me in your love 
entrapped me to feel fine. 
Honey, how smoothly you blocked me out 
even the key chose to remain quiet! 

You lead me to a door 
with no escape to the world 
Honey, how you drew the curtains of darkness 
that not a sound of flutter could be heard? 

I learnt I was just a prop 
in your closet of life you lived 
Honey, how smoothly you drifted away 
not a whiff of deceit I could smell or feel? 

Trapped I am now 
in this shallow dorm of pain
Honey, how this rusty affection of love
you savagely shared and fasely proclaimed.

I know I am equally wrong
to let you hold the master reins
Honey, how naive wasn't I
to believe this to be a palace, but a cave?

I am breaking the door open
a lock cannot trap me anymore
Honey,take the key and keep it safe
to keep a memoir of a phoenix reborn

Have you felt trapped someday in your life ?

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