Can you Connect with your Audience by sharing Stories through Art?

stories through art

Have you been captivated by romantic love stories? Boy meets Girl, both fall in love. Tragedies, fights or jealously. A twist to the tale. Boy meets Girl . Sort differences. Happily ever after. It is mostly the same story set up, but we tend to recall and connect with a few of them as our favourite movies of all times. Why?

Because,  those memorable stories were recited to us through amazing story telling.

Just as Halloween 2020 is around the corner, can you list the infinite amount of versions you can possibly have come across Halloween pumpkin, bonfires, ghost stories and the  Samhain festival?

Stories have an innate power to add a plethora of emotions to a simple situation. We review our experience basis whether the story was personally gratifying, edgy or basic.

As we build our foundation of our creative projects to create an everlasting impact, sharing stories through art makes it more visual, reflective and invokes relatability.

Why Story in Art will gain you brownie points?

Personal experiences

Talking about how we love to recite stories about our childhood and experiences. We would be personally invested in that story imagining the whole setup.

Bring that element of sheer thrill of experience into your work, be it through depth of strokes in painting, or describing through words in an article.

Cognitive abilities are stimulated

Stories through art is a visual stimulator that strengthens your cognitive abilities. We are able to respond and perceive a sequence of occurrences differently. An amateur at art may look at a creative piece and say it was good .

But, if you have developed cognitive ability to understand the story behind a craft, you automatically try to interpret and work on creating different angles to make your creativity stand.

Gives you new direction

For those who believe or have a typical notion about including a story through art inference difficult to digest, let’s break this further.

Have you often heard that you should write first and then edit? It is because, it gives you new direction to look at the same article in a different angle. While my mind could be buzzing with ideas to help you understand art and story, my reflection at the end of the day is to include  simple real examples which was not initial plan.

Complex stories made easier

Most thrillers use complex stories to entice you to watch a movie. While some are able to hit the right note, complexity does bother the filmmaker if ultimately you as an audience didn’t get the twist. Connect with your audience by adding a story to your vanilla art . A simple effort can transform your art to make it digestable, imaginative and fun.

Strong Narration

In most cases, the narrator is usually ignored unless he or she has packed a punch of fun dialogues. Thinking about why narration can take your art a notch higher. For instance, You read one of my poem from the blog. You relate to the verse and exit. But suppose, I give you background of the time, reason and how I came up with the rhyme or a particular verse, you will correlate better ( Creativity hit a goal here! )

So, you see how sometimes, an Art sold for its Story gets Big Bucks:)


What has infographics got to do with this topic? FYI, infographics are the best examples of story through art. In limited choice of words and graphics, you need to convey a story to your audience. As a creative artist, you can use a carousel, a pivot graph, bar graph to validate your topic.

Next time, you begin a new project, think how you can convert a photograph, a painting or poem into infographic without use of speech.

Back to basics

Our attention capacity is high when you attend a play or drama just like in schooldays. We remember those acts and some parts of it even after years. The visual story has hit the right chord either with its narration, acting or brilliant screenplay.

Adding an element of visual happiness to your client add the tinge of personal touch for getting more business referrals in future.


At the end of the day, your audience wants to listen and share stories. Allowing your craft to share their story told by you is a connection you will build for the future.

Keep your visual story- RELATABLE, SIMPLE and ENGAGING !

I hope you are awarded brownie points and enjoy delicious brownies too:)

Do you agree Story-telling through art can elevate your connection with your audience?– Share your views in the Comments section below

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