Inktober 2020- Dealing with Creative Storm and Mindmapping

Hey Guys, sorry for drawings, I am still an amateur in doodling. But anyway, here’s an interesting concept that excites you and me. How do we track our mood daily that has a bunch of these creative storm bubbles bursting inside our heads everyday?

Do you feel guilty for spending more time on doing an activity longer than usual?

Come on, we all want to watch a movie, scroll through our Insta feed and manage our work and daily routines.

This is usually the daily crisis I need to deal with how to do balance and not overdo something.

Creative storm is natural, but mindmapping takes you on a different level.

The Solution to Procrastination: I figured out the best creative way to do a task is not to get consumed by it – Simply break them into small goals.

elvira lobo

Productivity Tips to Balance your Daily Tasks and Personal Interests

  1. Be creatively active to think of each concept or task individually and fulfill them.
  2. Prioritize your schedule, for me writing keeps my brain ticking for new ideas as I am dedicated and personally invested in it.
  3. Allot time for your personal interests (preferably end of the day) in your daily schedule to motivate you.

I am a big procrastinator but I decided to balance these creative storms and not feel guilty of not doing something. These are productivity routine I personally follow in my life to keep me sane.

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