Everless by Sara Holland (Book Review)

everless book review by sara holland

While I am currently binge watching shows and writing, doodling on the side, Reading keeps my adrenaline levels high. I came across this book Everless that I picked up not knowing much about the author or book but for its captivating book cover. A literal page turner, treat for fiction lovers and those who love sprinkles of drama in every story.

So relax and read my review on the Everless by Sara Holland.

Everless- A Tale of Time

Omg, Welcome to the world of Everless as the mystery unfolds with layers of intense storyplay.

How many of you have read this amazing book by Sara Holland. You will not regret it. I love reading fiction novels and Everless has managed to keep the intensity high.

Starting with the striking cover of the book that depicts a hourglass wine taking a form of woman’s face while the drops of blood spill over. Deep and candid !

The ancient mystic novel takes you to a journey of girl named Jules Ember who is seventeen and grown to be under the reign of despised Queen and the forbidden and feared palace of Everless. The story unwinds to the fears and trials Jules and her father make to meet ends by selling their time. They have had a bitter episode of being ostracized from Everless and often advised by her father not to think of going back to the past.

Time, Blood Iron, Secrets and Mythology

Well, hold on, In Everless, Time is used as a currency which is extracted from the blood in your veins! So, everytime you trade your blood to pay rent and food slowly making you weak and old!

Such is the power that beholds everyone that no one can contest against the supreme authority of  rich Gerlings who own the tons of blood iron for generations. The book explores the gritty betrayals, hush silences and cruelty to the weak that seem to make Everless and Jules, the protagranist more hostile and interesting at the same time.

Sara Holland brilliantly describes a vivid picture of what you lose is your destiny or the price you have to pay like hunger stricken Crofton and little Alia be a victim of Everless.

The gory ruthlessness faced by the young children working as slaves is mercilessly but well addressed. The pursuits of the poor to struggle for a meal while the rich clamp down to enormous vaults of wealth has been touched upon as the story unfolds further.

How Jules ends up going to the dreaded Everless to connect the dots of her life, the price of being modest to everyone she meets, the dilemma of being distant to her childhood friend but a Gerling’s heir and dealing with grudges that hidden in cold wars of emotions is worth reading.

Don’t worry; I won’t give the plot away!

Whether or not Jules can avenge her childhood grudge of been rebuked and thrown out of Everless and how she endangers her life once again into the forbidden world of mystery,

You need to read Everless- a gripping novel that is visual movie in most sense.

Some side notes to keep in mind:

Scenes like slicing your arm to pay tax or rent and gather years for your family is little too overwhelming.

The story of the sorceress and the alchemist is a bit confusing, so pay close heed to it ( I read it again ) to understand the plot better.

Few characters in Everless have a confused angle, twists and turns of their personality which does surprise you, could have been avoided.

The initial part of the story is slow paced with detailed character description and storyline. You may lose patience or interest at the start but if you hold, you will find yourself so intrigued by this fairytale world.

Verdict : A Dark Edgy story with Visual narration for Young Adult Fantasy book readers.

After the book, I realized the book has another part – Evermore, (may include in the blog when I get a chance to own a copy of it)

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