Inktober2020-Creative Doodles to help you choose your Next Move in Life

Today, I thought of sharing an interesting Life update with you. This October 2020, the artistic bug has really gotten over me! I never imagined to doodle or draw consistently. I am happy to share some of my doodles that can help you plan your next move in your career.

Have you too worked on any series before! Bingo – Do share with me.

I can write for hours though( if I want to !) but Hats off all you artists for your incredible patience in coming up with unique artwork .

Instead of boring you creative minds with many posts, I thought of compiling a few that have a common thread in them of ” Fulfilling Creative Dreams”

Lessons to Plan Your Next Move in Life

The Juggle is Real

juggle is real move

A bookworm trying to juggle her pile of books while avoiding to slip off!

A shoutout to all Booklovers. We love to read a lot and have a huge unending wishlist.

To fulfill your creative dreams, you need to know how much can you dedicate your efforts towards it. Let’s face it , it’s super hard to be true.

In my daily life, this has been a constant struggle of ” Time to write” and “Time to fantasize what to write”.

Lesson Learnt :- Creative fulfillment is possible if you can manage to keep your feet stable with your aspirations and develop on your skills.

Comment below- Which one of those book collections would you love to read right away?

Be Your Own Creative Leader

make your creative decision yourself
Sand dunes

One of the most common hindrance that stops you from being an creative thinker is Who decides what you need in Life?

You or others? Be honest while you answer this!

Like the sand dunes, we sway from our ambitions to what others expect us to do. A part of you is left behind in search of having an unknown fulfillment. Don’t lose yourself ! Give your instincts a chance in this lifetime !

Choose your Life’s best Armor

strong armor is good
Armor for you

Whether you are writer, illustrator, artist, baker, photographer, designer, singer. Choose your armor wisely, there are many evils to let you down! Truth be told!

Statements like” Keep it only as your hobby” and ” No Monetary benefits” and ” Waste of time” will keep bothering you time and again.

But let’s say, how about if you turn your hobby as a writer or photographer into legitimate business?

In 2020, we have seen that freelancing and creative businesses are here to stay. So pick up your dagger and strike hard.

Never Settle for less

stand strong in an outpost
a vintage outpost

What do you want your next destination in life to be? Never Settle for less!

One of my favourite Inktober doodle prompt. It more of an reflection of my mistakes, fears I have had and currently face is “Settling for less and being Content”. We choose to let others decide what a good poem or article or piece of art should be.

Sitting in our comforting Outpost, we look out for people to come to us. I have learnt to take my work seriously, venture out more often and say NO when required!

Have a Clear Rocket Like Approach

sky rocket your life
rocket of your dreams

Create a Vision Today- Make your creative mind skyrocket to new beginnings. You can choose any of them :

  • Launch your own course
  • Sell your Ebook
  • Showcase and sell your artwork or creative services to others
  • Collaborate with creators
  • Do all of the above!

I hope you are wearing your creative thinking hats to plan your next move wisely. These are some fun doodles by me to ignite some spark for people who struggle with motivation and self confidence. You can make a dream career by investing wisely in your skills. Bad Habits are hard to break, but is definitely possible! Cheers!

Let’s make this creative journey more exciting :

Can you think of one thing that inspires you to stick to your creative hobby to make it BIG?

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