Inktober 2020- 11- Stop this disgusting daily habit early on

disgusting  daily habits

Hello Friends,

It is already mid October, I recollect during my school days waiting for this month that marked the advent of Winter Season. Since global warming , this month has become more humid than usual with hot fumes of air burning on your face. But here’s a disgusting daily habit you need to stop early on for a better tomorrow.

You have guessed it right ! Save electricity .

One of the most simplest way I could convey the message through a doodle.

We are fortunate enough to have ample resources but we take them for granted.

I don’t usually write about this topic, but realized it is important to address this cause. Afterall, Life revolves around it.

Habits you know you should follow but don’t practise it

Many of us love living our lives in the present moment but don’t realize the damage we are causing due to this sheer negligence which has become a daily habit.

Covid 19 has made us shift gears to Work from home, maintain social distancing and even infused in us the importance of self care and mental health.

But, what about the daily consumption of electricity we have been using?

We can’t imagine our lives without Wifi, but let’s not wait for electricity to go bye- bye

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Stop the habit of power wastage when you can manage or adjust with available resources.

Daily Habits To Stop Power Wastage

  1. You need not switch on the Fan along with the Air conditioner . Choose any one.
  2. Don’t wait for Earth Day only to follow to save electricity . It should be daily activity.
  3. If you have a Home office, keep your desk closer to a window. Natural light is good for your room and your health. Reduce your bills and taxes.
  4. You can choose to start your dream hustle with saved expenses.
  5. Learn to implement this habit even at workplace. You will be surprise how much you can save on expenses.
  6. Inculcate the habit of saving power to your kids too. They will grow responsible adults in future.
  7. Politely convey to your friends and family to keep a tab on your electricity consumption.
  8. Keep a tab on your kitchenware like fridge, oven, washing machine etc .
  9. Stop blame game, take initiative to implement simple tasks of not overcharging your phones or laptops.
  10. Lastly, follow the above steps, be a proud human!


As reiterated , We are fortunate to live in comfortable space with all the required amenities . Think about less fortunate who live in darkness and struggle to get find any means. Even if they, they don’t have money to pay bills . Live wisely and stop this habit early on to waste electricity. Save Power, Inspire and Be Empowered.

Comment below- What’s your opinion on this topic to Save Electricity and how you are trying to save energy in your daily life?

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