Inktober 2020-10-On being Hopeful for a better future.

doodle on being hopeful in life
Doodle on Hope

Being hopeful for everything we do is what keeps us going. One of the things I am really hopeful is to see more artists- creative creators get their due, because why not 🙂

This doodle is a tribute to you aspiring creative people to achieve your goals. You need a sunrise in your life to let it dawn on your work and get appreciated by others.

We are hopeful for many things, but aspiring to be creatively successful takes lot of time and effort.

How can you convert Hope into Fruitful Results:

Make your goal into your habit- Live it each day.

Look for Inspirations- Hope encourages taking unknown path. Hence inspirations are good.

Keep the survival mode on always.

You can read my post on Creativity to stay inspired.

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