Inktober 2020-9-Declutter v/s Thrown items

declutter and waste
doodle on waste garbage bin

By now, you must have been familiar with the concept of decluttering and the importance of adopting a healthy and minimal lifestyle. How do you manage to declutter the things you own ?

Over the last few years, the concept of sustainable living in the best possible way has been emphasized significantly. How many of you have yet to adopt this intentional habit of owning few things that truly matter?

Ah! Hard isn’t it?

Yup, Difficult for hoaders like you and me who love to keep some nostalgic memories somewhere hidden in our closet!

Let’s understand today’s intention of throwing our waste, the first step towards cleanliness.

Most of you will identify with the 1st doodle as it depicts snippets of our daily life, dumping our trash into waste bins. We have had been taught these lessons a million times through education, campaigns, workshops and even by legal protocols.

In India, we have introduced ” No Plastic ” and have adopted Dry and Wet Waste management in most places. ( work in progress!). I am sure, you have your own waste mechanisms in your city or country.

An Artistic Impression of Waste and Thrown items

waste items by artists
doodle -artists waste items

But what about the 2nd Doodle ? Do you agree with this?

Crumpled waste paper, spillage of paint, dry colour tubes, broken pallete, waste cardboard, worn out brushes and pen and lots more. Aren’t these also most thrown items by us artists?

We aren’t debating on ” Do you expect me to keep an empty paint or ink bottle!”. Will keep this conversation for some other time.

Probably try to DIY , reuse /repurpose or even sell it🙂

Our focus is on unnecessary hoarding a lot of items we usually don’t need at the moment like new packs of notebooks, diaries, brushes, paint etc. The reason behind having them is future use but in the hindsight of owning a ton, we either forget or ignore them.

Ultimately, the unused stationery have gone stale or less appealing to us as “a new variant” is popular.


Here’s a simple tip I have started following:

Be mindful of keeping limited stationery and make the best use of it:)

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