Inktober 2020-8-Smiley Teeth( Truth or Dare)

smiley teeth that make their own impression.
smiley teeth

Have you also managed to smile when your client said “Good artwork, but you know what we can pay only this much?” Like a game of Truth or Dare, show off your smiley teeth. But, feel free to make your own bite.

While I drew this doodle, I wondered how many times we have been forced to acknowledge something that we didn’t approve of. We are accustomed to saying yes for being good-natured because of values, societal norms but don’t realise that opposite person doesn’t really care for your work or service. So, it isn’t courtesy alone.

Paying for your artwork is your reward for your effort, so don’t shy from asking for it.

Whether you are freelancer, salaried or entrepreneur you need to show off your teeth to the right people. You wouldn’t want the same post sulky moments thinking “Wish we could have addressed the situation this way or that”.

Smile gently, Brush with a pint of happiness, Cleanse your life with a hopeful bright tomorrow.

Make a good impression with your smile that focuses on good words, not silly jibes.

Word of Caution: Don’t show them off to everyone, just keep them pure.

Zara Smile karo yaar 😀! Par Saabko haanji karna zaroori nahi hain!

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