Inktober 2020 -7- Fancy Outdoor View

fancy outdoor
Fancy outdoor

Describe your most loved fancy outdoor view from your favourite trip. Do you miss travelling this season ?

We love to have some fancy dreams, sitting in a scenic place, away from the chaotic life. Often, we enjoy, manifest them while planning your next holiday trip.

A nature scenic experience blossomed with flowers and sweet butterflies hovering nearby on a mission to find their sweet spot. The lazy lantern burning with a hint of yellow while the mesmerized birds flocking to their homes.The buzzing of bees whilst the calmness of the cool wind coming your way. The veranda surrounded by bushes, green plants that sleep in the coyness of the mushrooms.

As a writer myself, this is how I picture my fancy view to be. ( A sneak peek of the world outside the door of my home than the cliche window for once) Do you also have some fun thoughts you often envision?

Comment below- What more can you think of instead of the scenic nature in the doodle?

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