Inktober 2020-6- Rowdy Rodent

who moved your cheese? rodent
Who moved your cheese?

Are you thinking who moved your cheese? Are you overwhelmed with who took away your cheese after all the efforts you put in? May be some Rowdy Rodent(loud and noisy)

It is obvious that we look for gratification, but how much is too much? As humans, we look to get feedback, likes and appreciation. But, is it enough to showcase your capabilities.

No, Break that vintage thought in your head. Focus on ” Create to consume and consume to create”.

Make your creative arts and skills “your cheese” that will yield recognition and monetary reward.

Start by- Believing yourself, Grow together with your audience and choose your medium to the optimum and avoid negativity from others

jerry rowdy rodent
Jerry, the Rowdy Rodent

I know many of us have faced difficult times and find it hard to believe others. But, does it mean you will easily give up on your efforts for non appreciation of work or gesture.

We have all faced with situations where we are or were taken for granted. No matter what we do, our cheese(efforts) are stolen, misused or taken away from us. (at work or life).

How to deal with no gratification for things done?

Personally, I dealt with it many times and been dejected. It made me go downhill for having others take me for granted for valuing their opinions for everything. Slowly, I focussed on self happiness than validation from others. I started sharing my concerns and also sportingly involved others when needed.

Wondering how you can deal with it too- Your Own Way!

Practise the mode of self dependence for every activity to keep your cool and don’t let others steal away – Raise your power by doing right and living right.

Some Takeaways:

Become a bit rowdy to develop your power of self confidence.

Just a rodent is quick to move your cheese, aspire to sprint to take charge of your life. Afterall, others are just facilitators in your life

Lastly, face hardships and learn from them . Wake up and smile to a fresh start!

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