Inktober 2020 – 5-Unicorn Blade Runner

become a good blade runner
Onset of creativity

Hello, How’s has your October been? Exciting, fun dull, monotonous. Have you thought about how you can make the best use and make your feel more cool this week?

Sharpen your skills, work on your weaknesses, devote time for self care. You can join me in Inktober fest too:)

Just like a blade, aim for positive thoughts to overcome the dullness in life or work.

Our minds love to introspect and work in a fushion of logic and emotions. This Inktober, I share with you yet another doodle which is sharp in its edges in the domain of a creative life.

Are you right now in a space in life where you feel discomforted while sharing it?

As a blogger myself, I often end in a lonely space of just penning thoughts. But that’s how life is. But the most satisfactory is writing for you- my audience.

A simple tip for you:

Over time, I have learnt the value to focus on sharpening the blade of my content, celebrating mini-goals of your feedback, likes and follows. Aim to live like a unicorn who strives to do simple good deeds.

Because why not:)

Follow your goals and be a blade runner of your life!

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