Inktober 2020- 4-Radio Diaries.

radio diaries of childhood songs
Listening to Radio during night

Few nostalgic moments come to mind when I think of midnight tales of Radio Diaries during my childhood. After our dinner, Dad played the radio on to tune into melodious numbers as my sister and me finished our homework, home chores and almost drifting off to sleep.

The soothing voice of Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi was a bliss for us kids. We used to come up with enchanting stories along with rhythm played along slowly mesmerising our imaginations to fairytales.

The radio was one of the medium through which I learnt the power of imagination. We kind of drifted from a happy peppy number to a docile romantic in the next.

It was a magical aura listening to the nightingale Late Mangeshkar and the caressing our heartstrings with songs sung by the Evergreen Elvis Presley.

How can not include the highlights of arguing to tune to the best radio station to avoid missing our favorite late night radio chats, top 5 songs back to back etc.

The times we regaled to the fun moments of recollecting the movie or album name along with singers and actors. It mostly end up being a radio midnight quiz when the moon almost hung low through the clouds.

Until, the concept of radio on mobile phones became prominent in our lives,Radio was an Antidote to our tiring busy days, hustle filled evenings. The radio was a muse to the midnight saga that probably unfolded further in our dreams.

This inktober prompt brings up so many beautiful memories of having a Radio in our lives.

Comment below-What’s your fondest memory of listening to a Radio?

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