Inktober 2020-3-Bulky Wish Baskets

wish baskets empty or full?
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“I wish I was good enough”, isn’t this supposedly the most frequent thought we have when we doubt ourselves? Just as I was doodling for today’s Inktober prompt, I wondered why do we keep our bulky wish baskets empty or too full ? Is it because our lives are not so happening compared to others or we refrain to even try to fill it!

Try to analyse and understand it . Having the doubts of being good enough comes from the point of our inner fears .

These are rational answers.

While reading the Intro of this blog, how many thought to themselves, ” Not me or not in my life atleast”. Well, we often look at the problem at face value but don’t care to think deeply about it.

These are prodding thoughts.

Let me explain it better.

Is your Life driven by Bulky Bucketlists overwhelming with Wishes?

Yes, Yes Yes! We all do!

But, can we flip the basket once and wonder how often we have led others to take our decisions.

You may tell me that your wish basket is full with short term goals and working on your personal goals each day.

In your daily activities ,how many are your own wishes or a ritual you follow because of someone else’s opinion?

elvira LOBO

That’s what I mean by having a full basket but not your own. It is stuffed and overflowing with biases , prejudices that do little for your self growth.

Sacrifice, good deeds for others are nice, but sacrificial goals that meant to cause harm or suit a few is not ideal.

How will you make your life have a basket of smart goals that are entirely yours?

Pick your wish basket wisely– Be mindful of choosing your wishes. You may be hounded by selfies by friends, proclamation by colleagues on their achievement etc.

But, their goal will be different from yours. For instance, you may be a creative person who loves to experiment. So, you figure the choice is to say learn the basics of coding for a job. But that may not be inspirational for all.

Simply Declutter your basket– Allow only good thoughts and action driven goals in your life. Spare the rotten ones that have been your age- old companions , but are just a fabrication of ideas anyway. Let them not litter your entire life in the process.

Refurbish your bulk regularly- This pandemic, our lives have changed 360 degrees. Budget, Travel, Communication and daily life routines have gone for a toss. But, all we have is our desire to persist.

Your last year wish may sound funny to you at present. So, look for solutions. Try to see if you can tweak that wish or put in the planner later ahead.( Doing so myself, it is fun)

Design your own wishes in Life– “Why not me, I wish I were there ” , I used to be bogged down by these thoughts often in life. Then, I took it upon me to design my own life my way. It is important to happy in your own space first to help someone in future.

One thing I learnt in life over the years ( Phew!) is why should it bother me. If my friend has achieved something, then he or she have worked towards it for weeks or months even.

I wasn’t anywhere close to their life, not even their job role, Right.

Similarly, how does someone you know affect you if you haven’t even tried doing the same thing!

elvira lobo

Simple tips to make your empty wish basket self sufficient with tiny twinkles

For those who have been dejected with chaos, rejections and lack of motivation, your empty wish basket is not a solution!

You may have tried enough to be shunted down by your peers or your family, but having no wish is simply making no progress.

Even the wind changes its course when needed. And we are humans live by logic!

Loop in your arms to things that matter to you.

Be grateful that you are lucky to kickstart the dreams that make you happy.

We wouldn’t want our life to be tossed and pushed in one direction to the next without any ideals.

Be a goalkeeper and wait for the right strike.

elvira lobo

I have been a victim of it many times, trying to find my feet everytime others tried to take control of my sweetness.

My life mantra that I practise now is ” To pick yourself up before someone else stacks his/her pile of wishes and ideals upon you


It is already October 2020, 3 months to go for the new year. Let’s make a tiny addition in life by having a bulky basket of wishes that you truly need, desire and aim to achieve by your actions. Forgo your worries about being tamed by other’s shiny life and focus on making yours pretty , fun and worth living. Cheers!

Happy Weekend:)

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