Inktober 2020-2-Tangled Wisp of Hair

tangled wisp of hair and bangs

Sometimes we sit and wonder a lot until we find true answers. Like the bangs of fresh air, we swap out our disdains for future hopes. But do you find any solution ? Probably in many cases! But like my tangled wisp of hair curled near my cheek, the truth lies in a corner like a passing breeze.

The truth that travels on a slithering pace spoken loudly but hidden behind those wisps of lies. The cry of deceit that vapours up and above till my eyes. I see only the fogged vision of malice, the hushed tones of murmurs surrounding me.

Ah, I cry a wisp of few words “Do not make me cringe” about the new normal of fakeness today in the self praised world. Hopefully, you aren’t another one of those who lament for progress , growth but fail to even mention its fall. Hope you don’t across tangled tongues not tired from giving false promises . These are the ones who have only dipped their fingers into a bowl of a whipped cream. For them starvation, unemployment ,violence are just numbers on a graph while their plates shine squeaky clean.

Life, I call you a mystery in these moments, a floating piece of unknown in the air. Aren’t you defied by these naysayers who call themselves your well-wishers ?

Till you raise your voice, I will continue my conquest to carry my wisp of tangled curls of revolution wherever I go.

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