Inktober 2020-1-From the oceans ‘Fishtales’

fishtales in ocean doodle inktober2020
Ocean Fishtales- Doodleart by me

Travelling the world, I come to you seeking some mercy ,if you could shower

I swim across , where oceans now look like half moon on limited power

Just few seasons ago, you took a deep dive with me,

Friend, today I thought to surprise you with glee

I heard you often watch me on screen

Some during weekends, some all day

So, I came over to meet you buddy

Hungry and thirsty all the way

My world ain’t now blue

Greys, filth, waste

ands lots of glue

Ah! There I see

A pool of water

you have Alas!

Slurp, Slurp


A few






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